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    • Synthesis of l-isopropyl-8,9-benzospiro [5,5] undecane-7-ol and its catalytic dehydrogenation

      Ashutosh Mitra Sunil Baran Das

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      Catalytic dehydrogenation of l-isopropyl-8, 9-benzospiro [5, 5] undecane-7-ol (5) has been carried out to study the effect of isopropyl group on the spirocyclohexane ring during the ring transformation of the spiro [5, 5] system. The dehydrogenation of5 gave 1-isopropylphenanthrene as the main product. For the synthesis of5, the anhydride of l-carboxy-2-isopropylcyclohexane-l-acetic acid (1) was condensed with benzene to give the single ketoacid2 which was reduced catalytically to3. Intramolecular acylation of the acid chloride of3 gave the spiroketone4 which was reduced to5.

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