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    • Sunlight induced synthesis of tricarbonylhexahaptobuckminsterfullerenetungsten

      Subrata Roy Sabyasachi Sarkar

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      [W(CO)3(η6-C60)] has been synthesized by sunlight irradiation of a benzene solution of C60 and W(CO)6 or [W(CO)3(η6-C6H6)] as a red-brown solid. This compound has been characterized by elemental analysis and by FAB mass spectroscopy (parent ion peak centred at 988 (30%)). Chemical reactivity and IR spectroscopy indicate a hexahapto mode of bonding in this complex according to the 18-electron rule. XPS and cyclic voltammetric data support the electron acceptor/donor properties of bonded C60 and the electron donor/acceptor properties of W(CO)3 moiety respectively in this compound.

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