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    • The crafting of uracils with enhanced stacking potential

      Subramania Ranganathan Dinabandhu Kundu Sanjiv Mehrotra

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      Uracils having enhanced stacking profile are of interest from diverse vantages ranging from the chemical simulation of transcription to the design of novel anti viral agents. This objective has been realized by synthetic strategies leading to uracils having,inter alia, pseudo aromatic and hydrophobic rings crafted to the 5–6 location and ionophore and hydrophobic chains affixed at the C-5 and nitrogen atoms. Endeavours to prepare a 5–2′ uracil-pyrimidine composite have led to novel uracil arising from 2–O → =CH(COOR)2 transformation and a tethered malonic acid pyrimidine complex.

    • Solubilization of silica: Synthesis, characterization and study of penta-coordinated pyridine N-oxide silicon complexes

      Subramania Ranganathan Ch Chandrashekhar Rao Suvarchala Devi Vudayagiri Y B R D Rajesh B Jagadeesh

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      In an effort to design agents that could solubilize silica in water, under ambient conditions and pH, as takes place in nature, novel zwitterionic, penta-oxo-coordinated silicon compounds with siliconate cores have been prepared from 4-substituted pyridine N-oxides (H, OMe, morpholino, NO2) as donor ligands, their structures established by1H,13C and MS, and the coordination number of silicon, by29Si NMR. The formation of complexes from pyridine N-oxides is noteworthy since they arise from interaction with a weakly nucleophilic oxygen centre. The ability of the pyridine N-oxides to enhance the solubilization of silica in water has been experimentally demonstrated. Possible rationalization of this observation on the basis of O → Si coordination via the oxygen atom of pyridine N-oxide is suggested

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