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    • Origin and switch of different colors: Thermo-isomerism and crystal structure of (1E,2E)-bis[1-(4-nitrophenyl)ethylidene] hydrazine

      Said Tighadouini Smaail Radi Loic Toupet Muhammad Sirajuddin Taibi Ben Hadda Mehmet Akkurt Ismail Warad Yahia N Mabkhot Saqib Ali

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      A new symmetric branched 4-nitrophenyl hydrazine compound has been prepared in one-step procedure by direct condensation of aromatic ketone with hydrazine in MeOH. The synthesized compound, red isomer, was characterized by IR, 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy, Elemental analyses, Mass spectrometry and X-ray crystallography. Refluxing in MeOH solution led to thermo-isomerism offering a white isomer product that was characterized by X-ray crystallography. The red isomer crystallizes in the orthorhombic system having space group Pbcn, with a = 12.7612(4), b = 11.5197(3), c = 20.1586(7) Å, V = 2963.42(16)Å3, Z = 8 while the white isomer crystallizes in the triclinic system having space group P−1, with a = 7.8007(4), 8.5966(7), 12.224 (1) Å, 𝛼 = 71.133(7), 𝛽 = 81.281(5), 𝛾 = 74.895(5)°, V = 746.86(9)Å3, Z = 2. Molecules of both compounds are twisted at N2–N3 bond with the C7-N2-N3-C9 torsion angle of 155.23(12) and −113.36(18)°, respectively. The crystal structures of both compounds are stabilized by weak intramolecular C—H. . .N contacts and intermolecular C—H. . .O hydrogen bonding interactions. In addition, 𝜋–𝜋 stacking interactions are observed between the same aromatic rings of molecules.

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