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    • Synthesis and structural characterization of (C14H16N2)3 (C14H17N2)2 [𝛽-Mo8 O26]

      Ikram Zebiri Sihem Boufas Salima Mosbah Leïla Bencharif Mustapha Bencharif

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      A novel polyoxomolybdate (C14H16N2)3 (C14H17N2)2 [𝛽-Mo8 O26] (1) has been synthesized from hydrothermal reaction of tolidine and molybdenum trioxide in water and characterized by its IR and UV spectra, $^{1}_{}$H NMR, cyclic voltammetry and single crystal X-ray diffraction. Compound 1 crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system, space group P$\bar{ı}$, with the crystal cell parameters of 𝑎=11.5360 Å, 𝑏=11.6080 Å, 𝑐=15.2520 Å, 𝛼=72.50° , 𝛽=79.46° , 𝛾 =86.91° , 𝑉 =1915.00 Å3 and 𝑍=1. The asymmetric unit of the crystal structure of (C14H16N2)3 (C14H17N2)2 [𝛽-Mo8 O26] contains 𝛽-octamolybdate [𝛽-Mo8 O26]4− anions, two tolidine molecules and shows the presence of monoprotonated tolidine cations. One tolidine molecule and a 𝛽-Mo8 O26 polyanions species lie across crystallographic inversion centres while the two tolidine molecules occupy general sites.

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