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    • Characteristics of redox systems on self-assembled monolayer-covered electrodes

      Sheela Berchmans V Yegnaraman G Prabhakara Rao

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      Electrochemical studies on gold electrodes covered with self-assembled monolayers (SAM) of aminoethane thiol (AET), mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) and octadecyl mercaptan (ODM) have been carried out using cyclic voltammetry. Study of the influence of these monolayers on the double layer capacity of the interfaces involving the Au/SAM electrodes and of the electron transfer kinetics of chosen redox reaction probes, viz., Fe(CN)64−/3−, Fe2+/3+, hydroquinone/quinone(H2 Q/Q) and Cu underpotential deposition, offers a wealth of information that can throw light on the role of SAMs in allowing/moderating/blocking the electron transfer at such interfaces. These details are presented and discussed in the paper.

    • Tailoring self-assembled monolayers at the electrochemical interface

      S Varatharajan Sheela Berchmans V Yegnaraman

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      The main focus of this review is to illustrate the amenability of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) for functionalisation with different receptors, catalytic materials, biomolecules, enzymes, antigen-antibody, etc for various applications. The review discusses initially about the preparation and characterization of SAMs and tailoring of SAMs by incorporation of suitable recognition elements. A description of how the molecular recognition is achieved through forces like electrostatic, covalent and host-guest interactions is included in the review.

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