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    • The lowest (n, π*) transition of indanetrione (anhydrous ninhydrin) in various ethers as solvents

      Jayanta Roy Surajit Bhattacharya Shampa Samanta Sanjib Ghosh

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      The lowestS1(n, π*) transition (absorption) of indanetrione having acis-vicinal triketo group exhibits a large blue-shift in cyclic saturated ethers compared to that in an open-chain saturated ether. This transition of indanetrione in mixed solvents containing a cyclic saturated ether (tetrahydrofuran, dioxane and tetrahydropyran) as one of the components and a non-polar or less polar solvent as the other component has been studied at room temperature. The spectra are also studied in pure cyclic saturated ethers as a function of temperature. These studies suggest a specific interaction between indanetrione and cyclic ethers in the ground state. Similar studies in open-chain saturated ethers indicate the absence of such an interaction. The nature of the specific interaction has been discussed.

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