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    • A triad of rhenium-mediated transformations

      Jaydip Gangopadhyay Samir Das Suman Sengupta Indranil Chakraborty Animesh Chakravorty

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      The title transformations are oxygen atom transfer, twin isomerization and regiospecific imine oxidation.Bispyridyldiazole ligands have furnished new oxygen atom transfer reagents of coordination type ReVOCl3(NN) which undergo a slower transfer to PPh3 than the corresponding azole reagents. The rate of twin isomerization (linkage and geometrical) of meridional azole complexes of coordination type ReIII(OPnP)Cl3(NN) to facial ReIII(PnPO)Cl3(NN) decreases rapidly asn increases in the interval 1–4 (PnP is Ph2P(CH2)nPPh2). An α-diimine chelate of type ReV(NPh)Cl3(NN) is shown to undergo facile oxidation to the corresponding iminoamide complex ReVI(NPh)Cl3(NN) upon treating with dilute nitric acid. The reaction proceeds via regiospecific nucleophilic addition of waterto the more polarized imine function.

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