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    • Exchange current density as control for oscillatory reactions

      R Ramaswamy S Ramanathan

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      The oscillation characteristics of the iodate systems (Briggs-Rauscher reaction) and the bromate system (Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction) with ethylacetoacetate show that the species responsible for the oscillations in these two systems are different. This arises from a large value of the exchange current density for Pt/I2/I. The inclusion of ferroin in an uncatalysed bromate system (ubs) leads to a switchover to a new oscillatory phase, catalysed bromate system (cbs). Oscillation inubs is caused by a periodic change in the concentration of bromine. The switchover in oscillation characteristics on the addition of ferroin results from the value of the exchange current density for Pt/Fe(III)/Fe(II) being larger than Pt/Br2Br.

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