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    • Kinetics and mechanism of thermal decomposition of tetramethylammonium nitrate

      S R Jain M V Rao V R Pai Verneker

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      The mechanism of thermal decomposition of tetramethylammonium nitrate has been investigated by thermogravimetry and mass spectrometry. The activation energy for the decomposition has been determined by isothermal decomposition technique using thermogravimetry and by monitoring mass spectrometrically the formation of trimethylamine. The activation energies determined in both the cases compare well, suggesting that the decomposition proceeds via dissociation of tetramethylammonium nitrate into trimethylamine and methylnitrate.

    • Syntheses of some N-substituted hydrazines by the anhydrous chloramine process

      S R Jain D Chellappa

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      Chloramine, produced in the gas phase by the reaction of chlorine and ammonia, reacts with various primary and secondary amines in nonaqueous solvents in the presence of a fixed base to form the corresponding N-substituted hydrazines. The hydrazines synthesised include phenylhydrazine,p-tolylhydrazine, β-aminoethylhydrazine, N-aminopyrrolidine and N-aminopiperidine. Apparently, no hydrazine is formed when the reaction is carried out in the absence of fixed base. The effect of various factors, such as fixed base concentration, amine/chloramine ratio etc., on the overall yield of hydrazines has been studied. In this context, a modified chloramine gas generator giving improved yields is described. The optimum yield of chloramine is shown to be dependent upon the ratio of chlorine, ammonia and nitrogen taken, but is virtually independent of the reactor temperature.

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