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    • Surface tension measurements in the study of molecular complexes

      Ram Adhar Singh S P Mishra S N Bhat

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      Surface tension measurements can be used to investigate molecular complex formation in liquid solutions for strong and weak complexes. The association constant and epthalpy for triethylamine-iodine, hexamethylbenzene-tetracyanoethylene and ethanol-iodine in cyclohexane are 4·55×103, 218 and 0.93M−1 at 25° C and 12·5, 7·7 and 5·1 kcal/mol respectively. These values compare well with those reported in the literature by other methods.

    • Viscometric studies of hydrogen bonding

      Bharati Bhattacharjee S N Bhat

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      The viscometric method can be conveniently used for studying the interaction between weakly interacting systems. The systems studied are: methanol-acetone, ethanol-acetone,n-propanol-acetone andn-butanol-acetone in carbon tetrachloride. At 25°C, the equilibrium constants for the above ternary systems are 0·22, 0·30, 0·38 and 0·52 M−1 respectively. However, the heats of formation of complexes obtained by the viscometric method are high and decrease from methanol-acetone-CCl4 ton-butanol-acetone-CCl4.

    • First experimental evidence for the existence of blue-shifted iodine band: The3π1-1+ transition. An anecdote

      S N Bhat V P Shedbalkar

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      The absorption maximum of the3π1-1+ transition of the iodine molecule in cyclohexane is found to be at 689 nm. Derivative spectroscopic evidence for the blue shift of the above band in complexed iodine has been provided for the first time.

    • Conductometric study of charge transfer complexes

      Bharati Bhattacharjee S N Bhat

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      A conductometric titration technique has been used for determining the stoichio-metry of charge-transfer complexes which ionise in polar media. The systems studied are: Iodine complexes of acetone, methyl ethyl ketone,iso-butyl methyl ketone, dimethylsulphoxide triphenyl phosphine, triphenyl arsine, triphenyl stibene, methanol, ethanol andn-propanol. The stoichiometry of the above complexes (in highly polar media) were found to be≈2:3 (except in the cases of triphenyl stibene where stoichiometry was≈1:4). The effects of temperature, concentration and dielectric constants (of the media) on conductivities of the complexes have been reported.

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