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    • On the nature of highly vibrationally excited states of thiophosgene

      Srihari Keshavamurthy

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      In this work an analysis of the highly vibrationally excited states of thiophosgene (SCCl2) is made in order to gain insights into some of the experimental observations and spectral features. The states analysed here lie in a spectrally complex region where strong mode mixings are expected due to the overlap of several strong anharmonic Fermi resonances. Two recent techniques, a semiclassical angle space representation of the eigenstates and the parametric variation of the eigenvalues (level-velocities) are used to identify eigenstate sequences exhibiting common localization characteristics. Preliminary results on the influence of highly excited out-of-plane bending modes on the nature of the eigenstates suggest a possible bifurcation in the system.

    • Controlling the quantum rotational dynamics of a driven planar rotor by rebuilding barriers in the classical phase space


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      The present work aims to control the rotational excitations of an ac-driven planar rotor, a model for rigid diatomic molecules, by rebuilding barriers in the classical phase space. The barriers are invariant tori with irrational winding ratios which are perturbatively constructed at desired locations in the phase space. Weestablish that constructing such barriers, equivalent to additional weak fields, can efficiently suppress the chaos leading to the control of various processes. The phase space barriers are shown to be effective in controlling the quantum dynamics as well. In particular, the efficiency of the phase space barriers towards controlling dynamical tunneling in the system is explored. Our studies are relevant to understanding the role of the chaotic regions in dynamical tunneling and for molecular alignment using bichromatic fields.

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