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    • Photochemistry of an alpha lipoic acid-based drug and its application in dual sensing of Fe(III) and Pb(II) and logic gates


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      The photochemistry of an expired Alpha Lipoic Acid-based drug namely MEGO-XL (ML) wasinvestigated. ML showed its application in selective sensing of Fe3+ and Pb2+ avoiding any interference. Thelower detection limit values for Fe3+ (1.51 × 10-4 M) and Pb2+ (72.8 μM) suggested the sensitive nature ofML. The stability of the compound was examined under different environmental conditions. Further, theinteraction between ML and Fe3+, Pb2+ was studied with the help of Stern–Volmer plots, Benesi–Hildebrandrelation. Increased KSV values with increased temperature suggested that the nature of quenching was purelydynamic in the case of Fe3+ and decreased KSV values with increased temperature indicated that there mightbe an occurrence of static quenching in the case of Pb2+. Ethylenediaminetetra acetic acid (EDTA) was usedto differentiate the detection of Fe3+ from Pb2+.ML also showed application in sensing TiO2 nanoparticlesand in OR logic gate operations. These experimental outcomes hinted that the chosen expired drug ML can bereused for chemosensing and logic gate applications.

      The dual-sensing nature [Fe(III) and Pb(II)] of ML is described through Intensity Vs Wavelength graphs. TiO2 sensing nature of ML is also described by KSV graph. The logic gate application of ML is pictorially represented with a truth table and bar graph.

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