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    • Direct hydrothermal synthesis of metal intercalated hexagonal molybdates, M+xMo6−x/3O18−x(OH)x.yH2O (M = Li, Rb, Cs, NH4)

      S Upreti A Ramanan

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      Here we report direct hydrothermal synthesis of a few hexagonal molybdates with composition, Mx/+Mo6−xEmphasis>/3/6+O18−x(OH)x.yH2O (M = Li, Rb, Cs, NH4). The molybdates crystallize in the space groupP63/m with a r∼ 10.5 andc r∼ 3.7 Å . Unlike previous studies, our work suggests that hexagonal molybdates could be stabilized in the presence of monovalent cations with varying ionic size (smaller lithium to larger cesium) under hydrothermal condition. The phases showed exceptional thermal stability till 550°C.

    • Two new polyoxovanadate clusters templated through cysteamine

      K Pavani S Upreti A Ramanan

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      Two new fully oxidized polyoxovanadate cluster-based solids (C4N2S2H14)2[H2V10O28]·4H2O,1 and (C4N2S2H14)5[H4V15O42]2·l0H2O,2 are crystallized under self-assembly process in the presence of cysteamine. In both1 and2, cysteamines are oxidized forming disulphide linkages and occur as counter cations. The organic cations assemble around V10O28 cluster anions in1 whereas they aggregate around V15O42 clusters in 2· pH appears to be the structure determinant in the occurrence of decavanadate cluster in1 and pentadecavanadate in2, with the same counter cation.

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