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    • The crystal and molecular structure of N-(17-methoxy-phenyl)-2-chloropyrrolo (2,3-b) quinoline

      K Subramanian S Natarajan S Parthasarathy

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      N-(17-methoxy-phenyl)-2-chloropyrrolo (2,3-b) quinoline was solved by direct methods and refined to anR of 0.104 for 950 observed reflections. The intensity data were collected by the multiple film equi-inclination Weissenberg technique and estimated visually. The packing of the molecule is stabilised by van der Waals interaction. The pyrrolo (2,3-b) quinoline ring system is planar and the methoxy phenyl ring is approximately perpendicular to the plane of this ring system with a dihedral angle of 86.5°.

    • On the analysis of the virulence nature of TIGR4 and R6 strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae using genome comparison tools

      R Jothi K Manikandakumar K Ganesan S Parthasarathy

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      Comparative genome sequence analysis is a powerful technique for gaining insights into any genome of interest. Streptococcus pneumoniae is a human pathogen, which causes life-threatening diseases, such as pneumoniae, bacteremia, meningitis, etc. After the whole genome of two strains of S. pneumoniae, the virulent TIGR4 and non-pathogenic R6 were sequenced; there is a hope that comparing the genomes will allow an identification of the genes responsible for its virulence and thus the development of treatment and control. Many antimicrobial drugs have diminished the risk from pneumococcal disease because of its multi-drug resistance nature. Several pneumococcal proteins are also being investigated, as virulence factors as potential vaccine or drug targets. Structural and biochemical studies of these pneumococcal virulence factors have facilitated the development of novel antibiotics or protein antigen-based vaccines for the treatment of pneumococcal disease. Here we describe the comparison between the genomes of two strains of S. pneumoniae with few existing genomics databases and tools available in the public domain websites. By comparing nucleotide and protein sequences of the two strains, we investigate the existing differences and similarities. Mainly we focus on the virulence factors and its encoding genes in TIGR4 and how do they differ from R6 strain.

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