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    • Anisochrony of O-methylene protons of ethyl ester functions and structural factors in the connected chiral entities

      S N Balasubrahmanyam

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      (i) Incistrans pairs of cyclic 1,3-dicarboxylic acid ethyl esters thecis-foms exhibit higher O-methylene proton (HA, HB) anisochrony than thetrans-forms; (ii) anisochrony, easily observed in certain decalin-10-carboxylic ethyl esters, ‘disappears’ on one of the rings attaining the possibility of transforming into a ‘twist’ form; (iii) in certain pairs of chiralsecethyl esters and theirtert-methylated analogues anisochrony is higher in the latter, contrary to expectation, while, in certain others, the reverse is observed. Attempted explanations are based on assessments whether HA and HB are or are not in highly different magnetic environments in confomers regarded as preferred. This subsumes the possibility thatXYZC-CO2HAHBMe chiral ethyl acetates differ fromXYZC-CHAHBMe ethanes because intervention by the carboxyl group insulates the prochiral centre and allows anisotropic effects to gain somewhat in importance among mechanisms that discriminate between HA and HB so long as rotamerpopulation inequalities persist. Background information on why rotamer-population inequalities will always persist and on a heuristic that attempts to generalize the effects ofXYZ inXYZC - CUAUB V is provided. Possible effects when connectivity exists between a pair amongX, Y, Z or when specific interactions occur betweenV andX, Y orZ are considered. An interpretation in terms of ‘increasing conformational mobility’ has been suggested for the observed increase in the rate of temperature-dependence of O-methylene anisochrony down a series of chiral ethyl esters.

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