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    • Electrochemical behaviour of alkaline copper complexes

      C L Aravinda S M Mayanna V S Muralidharan

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      A search for non-cyanide plating baths for copper resulted in the development of alkaline copper complex baths containing trisodium citrate [TSC] and triethanolamine [TEA]. Voltammetric studies were carried out on platinum to understand the electrochemical behaviour of these complexes. In TSC solutions, the deposition of copper involves the slow formation of a monovalent species. Adsorption of this species obeys Langmuir isotherm. In TEA solutions the deposition involves the formation of monovalent ions obeying the non-activated Temkin isotherm. Conversion of divalent to monovalent copper is also slow. In TEA and TSC alkaline copper solutions, the predominant species that undergo stepwise reduction contain only TEA ligands.

    • Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of chloramphenicol by 1-chlorobenzotriazole in acidic medium

      R C Hiremath R V Jagadeesh Puttaswamy S M Mayanna

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      Chloramphenicol (CAP) is an antibiotic drug having a wide spectrum of activity. The kinetics of oxidation of chloramphenicol by 1-chlorobenzotriazole (CBT) in HClO4 medium over the temperature range 293–323 K has been investigated. The reaction exhibits first-order kinetics with respect to [CBT]o and zero-order with respect to [CAP]o. The fractional-order dependence of rate on [H+] suggests complex formation between CBT and H+. It fails to induce polymerization of acrylonitrile under the experimental conditions employed. Activation parameters are evaluated. The observed solvent isotope effect indicates the absence of hydride transfer during oxidation. Effects of dielectric constant and ionic strength of the medium on the reaction rate have been studied. Oxidation products are identified. A suitable reaction scheme is proposed and an appropriate rate law is deduced to account for the observed kinetic data.

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