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    • Evaluation of density and acoustical parameters of poly(2-methoxy) cyanurate of l,l′-bis(3-methyl-4-hydroxy phenyl)cyclohexane [PCMBC]

      S H Kalola P H Parsania

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      The density of poly(2-methoxy)cyanurate of l,l−bis(3-methyl-4-hydroxy phenyl)cyclohexane [PCMBC] is determined by partial specific volume and floatation methods at 33° ± 0.l°C and compared with calculated values. Acoustical parameters such as viscosity (η), sound velocity (U), isentropic compressibilities (Ks), Rao’s molar sound function (R), specific acoustical impedance (Z), solvation numbers (Sn), van der Waals constant (b) and relaxation strength (r) of PCMBC in two different solvents like chloroform (CF) and 1,2-dichloroethane (DCE) at 31°C are evaluated at different concentrations. The linear relationships of these parameters with the concentrations have been observed except the π vs concentration plots where upward curvature is observed after l.5g/dl indicating structural changes. The linear relationships indicate solvent-solute interactions.

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