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    • Mechanistic investigation on the oxidation of kinetin by Ag(III) periodate complex in aqueous alkaline media: A kinetic approach

      S D Lamani A M Tatagar S T Nandibewoor

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      The oxidation of amino acid, kinetin (KNT) by diperiodatoargentate(III) (DPA) in alkaline medium at a constant ionic strength of 0.5 mol dm-3 was studied spectrophtometrically. The reaction between KNT and DPA in alkaline medium exhibits 1 : 3 stoichiometry (KNT : DPA). Intervention of free radicals was observed in the reaction. Based on the observed orders and experimental evidences, a mechanism involving the monoperiodatoargentate(III) (MPA) as the reactive oxidant species has been proposed. The products, furon-2-methanol and para-nitro-purine were identified by spot test and characterized by spectral studies. The rate constants and associated activation parameters for the proposed mechanism as well as the thermodynamic quantities for different equilibrium steps are reported and discussed.

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