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    • Ortho-tellurated derivatives of some arylamines and imines

      A Reginiv R Kaur N Sudha S C Menon H B Singh

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      A range of novel bi-, tri- and multidentate organotellurium ligands containing Te and N donor atoms and their derivatives have been synthesised. The synthetic strategy involves telluration of orthochelating, monoanionic substrates derived from the following arylamines: N,N-dimethylbenzylamine, (S)-(-)-N,Ndimethyl-1-phenethylamine, N,N-dimethylnaphthylamine, (N,N-di-methylaminomethy l) ferrocene, tricarbony1(N, N-dimethylbenzenemethanamine) chromium and 2-(3-thienyl)-pyridine. In addition novel chiral hybrid Schiff base ligands have been prepared by the condensation reaction of bis(o-formylphenyl) telluride ando-butyltellurobenzaldehyde with (R)-(+)-l-phenethylamine and (1R, 2S)-(-)-norephedrine.

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