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    • Viscometric and thermodynamic studies of interactions in ternary solutions containing sucrose and aqueous alkali metal halides at 293·15, 303·15 and 313·15 K

      Reena Gupta Mukhtar Singh

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      Viscosities and densities of sucrose in aqueous alkali metal halide solutions of different concentrations in the temperature range 293.5 to 313.15 K have been measured. Partial molar volumes at infinite dilution (V20) of sucrose determined from apparent molar volume (φv) have been utilized to estimate partial molar volumes of transfer (V2,tr0) for sucrose from water to alkali metal halide solutions. The viscosity data of alkali metal halides in purely aqueous solutions and in the presence of sucrose at different temperatures (293.15, 303.15 and 313.5 K) have been analysed by the Jones-Dole equation. The nature and magnitude of solute-solvent and solute-solute interactions have been discussed in terms of the values of limiting apparent molar volume (φv0), slope (Sv) and coefficients of the Jones-Dole equation. The structure-making and structure-breaking capacities of alkali metal halides in pure aqueous solutions and in the presence of sucrose have been ascertained from temperature dependence ofφv0.

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