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    • A comparative study of electrochemical reduction of isatin and its synthesized Schiff bases at HMDE

      Alpana K Gupta Rajendra S Sindal

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      The electrochemical behaviour of a series of Schiff base i.e. 3-[5-phenylpyrazol-3-ylimino]indol-2-ones (IIa-e) synthesized by the reaction of various 5-substituted isatins with 3-amino-5-phenyl-pyrazole has been investigated and compared with corresponding isatin in dimethylformamide in 0.1 M LiCl using cyclic voltammetry at Hanging Mercury Drop Electrode. All synthesized Schiff bases exhibit a single irreversible two-electron reduction wave in contrast with the two discrete one-electron transfer reduction waves observed for isatin in this medium. Observation of a well-developed single reduction wave can be attributed to the higher basicity of the nitrogen species of the imine bond of Schiff bases, making proton abstraction as well as second electron transfer both rapid. The compounds are subjected to constant potential preparative electrolysis. The products are identified as secondary amines by spectroscopic methods. A mechanism for the electro-reduction process has been proposed. Kinetic parameters have also been calculated.

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