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    • Structure of moreollin, a pigment isolated fromGarcinia morella Desser

      G S R Subba Rao S Rathnamala R Sivaramakrishnan

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      The structure of moreollin (3), isolated from the seed coat ofG. morella, and its isomerised product, isomoreollin (4) have been established as the ethanol adducts of morellin (1) and isomorellin (2) on the basis of p.m.r., c.m.r., mass spectrometry and confirmed by partial synthesis from morellin (1) and isomorellin (2).

    • Reactions of tetrahalogeno-o-benzoquinones—Part VII. Reaction of alkyl-2-naphthols with tetrachloro-o-benzoquinone

      T R Kasturi R Sivaramakrishnan

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      Reaction of 8-methyl-2-naphthol (4a) with the quinone3 gave a mixture of 8-methyl-2,2-(tetrachloro-o-phenylenedioxy)naphthalen-1(2H)-one (1b) and 8-methyl-1,1-(tetrachloro-o-phenylenedioxy)naphthalen-2(1H)-one (2b) in almost equal amounts. Similarly, reaction of the naphthols (4b), (4d) and (4e) with3 gave the corresponding dienones (1c &2c), (1e &2e) and (1f &2f) in almost equal amounts. Reaction of 8-t-butyl-2-naphthol (4c) with3 gave exclusively 8-t-butyl-2,2-(tetrachloro-o-phenylenedioxy)-naphthalen-1(2H)-one (1d). Oxidation of 3-t-butyl-2-naphthol (4f) with3 gave a mixture of 3-t-butyl-2,2-(tetrachloro-o-phenylendioxy) nephthalene-1(2H)-one(1g) and 3-t-butyl-1,1-(tetrachloro-o-phenylenedioxy)naphthelen-2 (1H)-one (2g) in the ratio 1∶6. Thus, onlyt-butyl group exherts pronounced steric influence on the rearrangement observed in the reaction of β-naphthol with the quinone3. Structures of all the compounds have been established by spectral data.

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