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    • Studies on alkoxy complexes of alkyltin (IV) in non-aqueous solvents

      R C Mehrotra A K Rai N C Jain

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      Visual, conducto- and potentiometric titrations of mono-, di- and tri- alkyltin (IV) chlorides with alkali metal alkoxides have been carried out in anhydrous non-aqueous solvents. Evidence for the formation of a number of species of the type M[(R′Sn)2(OR)7], R′nSn(OR)4−n and [(R′Sn)2(OR)3]Cl3 (where M=Na or K; R′=Me, Et or Bu; R=Me, Et or Pri; n=1, 2 or 3) has been obtained. Di- and tri- alkyltin (IV) moieties appear to have a negligible tendency to form double alkoxides with alkali metals.

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