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    • Synthesis and spectral characterization of dioxouranium (VI) complexes of salicylhydrazine and acetone salicylhydrazone

      R A Lal

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      Dioxouranium(VI) complexes of the types UO2LSO4 and UO2L2SO4 (where L=SH, ASH) have been prepared from reaction of uranyl sulphate with salicylhydrazine (SH) and acetone salicylhydrazone (ASH) and characterized by conventional chemical and physical measurements. Infrared and Raman spectra indicate thatmono- andbis-complexes contain six-and seven-coordinate uranium atom respectively with all the ligand atoms arranged in an equatorial plane around the linear uranyl group. The infrared spectra (4000-200 cm−1) reveal that both SH and ASH act as neutral bidentate ligands coordinating through a carbonyl oxygen and primary amine/azomethine nitrogen atoms. The sulphato group coordinates to the uranyl ion as bidentate chelating ligand and terminal monodentate ligand in mono- and bis-complexes respectively.

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