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    • Kinetic investigation of oxidation of alkanolamine by Cerium(IV) in acidic medium: catalytic effect of Mn(II)


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      The decomposition kinetics of ethanolamine in acid medium using Ce(IV) as oxidant and Mn(II)as a catalyst has been reported. Michaelis–Menten type of kinetic pattern is suggested based on the nature ofrate dependence on substrate concentration. First-order dependence of rate on oxidant was observed up tomore than three half-lives. The rate constant decreased with an increase in acid concentration and the negativeslope of Zucker–Hammett plot demonstrates inverse dependence of rate on the acid concentration. Ce(OH)3+is considered as the most active species of Cerium in the reaction medium based on the kinetic observations.The rate increased with the catalyst concentration although the order is fractional. The products formed havenot shown any effect on the progress of the reaction. From the temperature dependence studies, activationparameters for the oxidation reaction are evaluated and the entropy of activation was found to be negative.Based on all kinetic findings and presuming a complex species formation between the substrate, catalyst andthe oxidant suitable mechanism has been proposed. The micro-rate constants involved in the proposedreaction mechanism has also been determined.

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