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    • Characterisation and antimicrobial activity studies of the mixed ligand complexes of Cu(II) With 8-hydroxyquinoline and salicylic acids

      Y Anjaneyulu R Y Swamy R Prabhakara Rao

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      Mixed ligand complexes of copper(II) with 8-hydroxyquinoline and various salicylic acids were isolated. Elemental analysis, conductometric andIR data of these complexes were recorded. The esr and electronic spectral data of these complexes indicate distorted square planar coordination for central copper ion. The σ bond and inplane π bond coefficients α2 and β2 respectively, of these complexes indicate partial covalency in the metal ligand bonding. The antimicrobial activity studies show that the mixed ligand complexes act as more effective toxic agents thanbis (8-hydroxyquinolinato) copper(II) against certain bacteria and fungi. The lipophilic tendency of these complexes is determined and its influence on their antimicrobial activity is critically examined. A probable mechanism for the antimicrobial activity of these complexes is discussed

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