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    • Investigations towards the synthesis of a CD-steroid intermediate

      D K Banerjee T R Kasturi R Sai Baba A Sarkar

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      The development of a new synthesis of 2,6,7,7a-tetrahydro-lβ-hydroxy-4-formyl-7a-methylindene was undertaken involving the preparation of 2,6,7,7a-tetra-hydro-1β-hydroxy-4-methoxymethyl-7a-methylindene because of the erratic yield in the last oxidation step of the reported synthesis of the former compound. Although various attempts to prepare the latter were not successful, interesting rearrangement products, the dienone, 5,6,7,7a-tetrahydro-4,7a-dimethyl-5H-indene-1,5-dione and the tricyclic keto alcohol, 2,6-diketo-3-methyltricyclo(5,2,1,0)decan-8-ol, were obtained, the structures of which have been proved by spectral data. Mechanisms for the formation of these products have been proposed.

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