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    • Solvent extraction of hafnium

      Pushparaja M Sudersanan

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      Mixed chelates of hafnium in benzene medium was studied by the method of solvent extraction. Various β-diketones and their mixtures were used for the study. The equilibrium constants for the mixed complexes were evaluated. Synergism in the extraction of hafnium in the presence of two dissimilar acidic extractants viz. HDEHP and a β-diketone was also investigated. The stoichiometry of the extracted species was determined by graphical method.

    • Photo-induced antimicrobial and DNA cleavage studies of indoloquinolines and 1,8-naphtharidine

      Malathi Mahalingam Palathurai Subramaniam Mohan Kasirajan Gayathri Ramadoss Gomathi Pushparaja Subhapriya

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      Angular and linear isomers of indoloquinoline are synthesized from 4-hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-one. The use of Vilsmeier-Haack reagent on 𝑁-phenylpropionamide yielded a new versatile method for the synthesis of 2-chloro-3-methylquinoline which is utilized as precursor in the synthesis of basic camptothecin core and quinoline fused with 1,8-naphthridine. The in vivo photoinduced antibacterial activity of all the synthesized compounds has been studied. The unique photo-bioactivity of 5𝐻-indolo[3,2-𝑐]quinolin-6(11𝐻)-one is further studied under the photo-DNA cleavage analysis. Theoretical calculations for the synthesized compounds are performed to determine further credentials of the biological results.

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