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    • Studies on the electrochemical and thermodynamic behaviour of Hg-HgS electrode in the presence of sulphide ions

      Pravin Chandra Katiyar Mukhtar Singh

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      Mercury-mercury (II) sulphide electrode has been prepared and its electrochemical and thermodynamic behaviour has been studied in different media. The electrode is found to show Nernstian response to pS (− log [S2−]) over the range 5.19–10.38. In the pH range 7.96–11.98, at constant [S2−]v, its response is also Nernstian. The values of thermodynamic functions, viz., ΔG0. ΔH0, and ΔS0 for the electrode reaction: Hg(3)+S2−⇌HgS(s)+2e, have been determined. Further, the standard free energy of formation (ΔGf0) and solubility product constant (Kvp) of HgS in aqueous medium at 25±0.1°C have also been determined.

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