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    • Meso-functionalized octamethoxyporphyrins: A new class of nonasubstituted porphyrins

      Pradeepta K Panda V Krishnan

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      Octamethoxyporphyrin containing multiple-donor substituents has been functionalized for the first time. A large number of its mono-meso-substituted derivatives with substituents such as nitro, amino, N-methylamino, formyl, hydroxymethyl, oxime, cyano and carboxy functional groups have been synthesized and characterized. They form a new class of nonasubstituted porphyrins. Crystallographic studies on the cyano derivative show that the -C N group is in conjugation with the prophyrin π-system. The calculated optical transition energies and the electron densities on the imino nitrogens of the synthesised porphyrins using AMI calculations correlate well with the experimentally observed data. Meso-substituted porphyrins are found to be essentially planar.

    • Synthesis and anion binding properties of the smallest meso-expanded calix[4]pyrrole


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      The smallest core expanded calix[4]pyrrole derivative (5) was synthesized via incorporation of an additional sp3 meso-carbon at the periphery of the macrocycle. Anion binding study of the macrocycle reveals clearly the effect of core size on its affinity towards various tested ions (F-, Cl-, Br-, I-, AcO-, H2PO-4, HSO- 4 , ClO - 4 , PF- 6 , NO- 3 , NO- 2 , N- 3 and CN -). The macrocycle displays the highest affinity towards fluoride and acetate ions, albeit with reduced affinities compared to parent octamethylcalix[4]pyrrole.

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