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    • Studies onI-V characteristics of dark and photoconduction in methylbixin

      Dilip Ghosh Prabir Pal K M Jain T N Misra

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      Dark and photoconductivities in methylbixin have been studied as a function of applied field and temperature. The results suggest that a single discrete trapping level is involved in charge carrier generation and the dominant trapping level is different for dark and photoconduction. Space charge limited current theory has been used to evaluate various transport parameters. The effective drift mobility is shown to be field dependent.

    • Photoconductive properties of zeaxanthin in a sandwich cell

      Dilip Ghosh Prabir Pal T N Misra

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      Photoconduction decay in zeaxanthin in a sandwich cell has been measured as a function of applied field and temperature in longer time domains (5–35s). The results show that the gap states decrease exponentially with characteristic temperatureTc≈450 K at an applied field of 1·77×103 V/cm. When the sample temperature is 293 K,Tc is found to be voltage-dependent and follows the empirical relationTc≈A exp (−bV). The field effect onTc is suggested to arise from the field effect on trapping rate. Light intensity dependence of photocurrent satisfies the power lawIph∞IBγ with γ varying between 0–61 and 0–58 depending on the applied voltage at low excitation light intensity. At high intensities γ=1·2.Tc values evaluated from decay and light intensity dependence measurements show excellent correlation.

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