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    • A novel tetraarylpyrene host: Conformation-dependent inclusion of guest molecules in the crystal lattice

      Palani Natarajan Paloth Venugopalan Jarugu Narasimha Moorthy

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      Tetrakis(2,6-dimethyl-4-acetoxyphenyl)pyrene H2 containing flexible acetate functionalities at the para positions of sterically-hindered and rigid aryl rings functions as an inclusion host system. Depending on the orientations of the acetate functionalities, a variety of conformers may indeed be expected. A limited number of the crystal structures of the inclusions compounds of H2 reveal that one indeed observes 2 different conformations for the host based on the orientations of the acetate functionalities. The inclusion compound of H2 with benzene guest molecules is particularly appealing in terms of how the latter are held in trough domains of the host by weak C−H$\cdots$O and C−H$\cdots \pi$ hydrogen bonds. More experimentation and analyses of crystal structures of such systems is expected to lead to better insights toward realizing multicomponent molecular crystals in a rational manner.

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