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    • ESR study of mixed ligand complexes of copper with dialkyl-diselenophosphate as one of the ligands

      G Krishnamoorthy B S Prabhananda P M Solozhenkin

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      A large number of mixed ligand complexes of copper with di-i-propyldiselenophosphate as one of the ligands have been prepared by ligand exchange reactions and have been identified using electron spin resonance. From the measured ESR parameters in chloroform solutions it was concluded that (i) the measuredgo (and notACu) could be used to identify the mixed ligand complexes (in addition to ligand hyperfine splittings) (ii) the changes in spin transfer to77Se and31P on the same ligand dSeP are uncorrelated suggesting that the dominant mechanism of spin transfer to near neighbours77Se is different from that to the next neighbour31P. (iii) Observations on31P splittings show that on formation of mixed ligand complex, the spin density on one ligand increases at the expense of other.

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