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    • Photoelectron spectroscopic studies of the adsorption of organic molecules with lone pair orbitals on transition metal surfaces

      S Yashonath P K Basu A Srinivasan M S Hedge C N R Rao

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      Ultraviolet and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy have been employed to investigate the adsorption of methanol, ethanol, diethylether, acetaldehyde, acetone, methyl acetate and methylamine on surfaces of Fe, Ni and Cu. All these molecules adsorb molecularly at low temperatures (≤100 K). Lone pair orbitals of these molecules are stabilized on these metal surfaces (by 0·4–1·0eV) due to molecular chemisorption. The molecules generally undergo transformations as the temperature is raised to 120 K or above. The new species produced seems to depend on the metal surface. Some of the product species identified are methoxy species, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide in the case of methanol and methyl acetate, ethoxy species in the case of ethanol and 2-propanol in the case of acetone.

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