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    • 2,6-Lutidine-N-oxide complexes of rare-earth bromides

      P V Sivapullaiah S Soundararajan

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      2,6-Lutidine-N-oxide (LNO) complexes of rare-earth bromides of the composition$$MBr_3 .(LNO)_{4_{ - n} } .nH_2 O$$ wheren = l for M = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd, Ho, Er; andn = 0 for M = Y have been prepared and characterised by analyses, conductance and infrared data. Infrared spectra of the complexes indicate that the coordination of ligand to the metal ion takes place through the oxygen of the ligand, and the water molecule in the complexes present is coordinated to the metal. A coordination number of seven has been suggested to all the rare-earth metal ions.

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