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    • Spectral and voltammetric studies on titanium substituted Keggin-type heteropolyanions

      R Murugesan P Sami T Jeyabalan A Shunmugasundaram

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      Bonding and redox properties of mono- and dititanium substituted 12-heteropolytungsto-phosphates and their complexes with bivalent Mn, Co, Ni and Cu are studied by UV-Vis, ESR and cyclicvoltammetric techniques. The heteropoly blue analogue [TiIIITiIVW10PO40]8− is unstable and its presence in solution is proved by optical and ESR spectroscopy. ESR results reveal that the odd electron is trapped on the titanium atom at 77 K. The optical electronegativity of Ti(III) in this heteropoly blue is estimated to be 2.4 from the intervalence charge transfer (IVCT) bands. X-ray powder diffraction results show that the complexes K5MII[Ti2W10PO40].xH2O(MII = Cu or Mn) are isomorphous with K7[Ti2W10PO40].6H2O. Electronic spectroscopy indicates very high symmetry around the bivalent metal ion M in the K5MII[Ti2W10PO40].xH2O complexes. This high symmetry is confirmed in K5Cu[Ti2W10PO40] by the observation of dynamic Jahn-Teller (JT) distortion at 300 K and static JT distortion at 77 K.

    • Copper(II) complex of 3-cinnamalideneacetylacetone: Synthesis and characterisation

      A Veeraraj P Sami N Raman

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      A bidentate ligand derived from cinnamaldehyde and acetylacetone and its copper(II) complex have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, UV-Vis, IR, ESR and magnetic susceptibility measurements. Magnetic susceptibility measurements, ESR and electronic spectral data indicate the presence of six coordinated Cu(II) ion. The ligand and complex are tested for antibacterial activity againstPseudomonas aeroginosa. They are found to show the antibacterial activity.

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