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    • Molecular complexes of paraquat with anilines

      P Padma T Vinod Kumar T Charan Singh G Venkateshwarlu

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      The U V-VIS spectra of molecular complexes of paraquat with ring and N-substituted anilines have been recorded in methanol and 50% v/v aqueous methanol. All the complexes exhibited well-resolved charge transfer bands in the wavelength region where neither of the components have any absorption. The energies of charge transfer bands of the substituted aniline-paraquat complexes bear linear relationships with the ionization potentials obtained from the substituted aniline-TCNE complexes, indicating π - π interaction between paraquat and the donors. Both ring and N-substituents have effects on the positions of the CT bands as well as on the stabilities of the complexes. The positions of the CT bands are shifted to shorter wavelengths and the stabilities of the complexes decrease on going from methanol to aqueous. methanol.

    • Ionic conduction in the solid state

      P Padma Kumar S Yashonath

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      Solid state ionic conductors are important from an industrial viewpoint. A variety of such conductors have been found. In order to understand the reasons for high ionic conductivity in these solids, there have been a number of experimental, theoretical and computational studies in the literature. We provide here a survey of these investigations with focus on what is known and elaborate on issues that still remain unresolved. Conductivity depends on a number of factors such as presence of interstitial sites, ion size, temperature, crystal structure etc. We discuss the recent results from atomistic computer simulations on the dependence of conductivity in NASICONs as a function of composition, temperature, phase change and cation among others. A new potential for modelling of NASICON structure that has been proposed is also discussed.

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