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    • Adsorption and interaction of oxamyl with kaolinites

      O P Bansal Mahesh Prasad S N Srivastava

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      The adsorptive behaviour of oxamyl with H-, Na- and Ca-kaolinites was studied. The effect of time on adsorption showed that the process was diffusion controlled. Kinetic studies showed that reaction was of first order. Maximum adsorption occurred at pH 6·5 (in the vicinity of pK value). The adsorption isotherms, Freundlich constantsK, 1/n and desorption experiments provided evidence for a partly chemical adsorption and partly physical adsorption of oxamyl on clay surface, inferences on the protonation of the carbonyl oxygen of the oxamyl molecule by H+ ions of kaolinite surface and/or the coordination of the metallic cations of kaolinite to the carbonyl oxygen of amide group found support from adsorption isotherm, x-ray and IR studies.

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