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    • M/TiO2 anodes for photoassisted electrooxidation

      O Enea D Duprez

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      The semiconducting ceramics deposited on a porous metallic film acting both as catalyst and electronic collector present large photocurrents and considerably enhanced electrooxidation currents when illuminated in the presence of small amounts of alcohol vapors. In the present research, several types of thin, “nanocrystalline” TiO2 ceramics have been deposited onto a porous, thin metallic (Au) film evaporated on a commercial glass fritt with fine porosity. Such composite layers, can be used under light irradiation to carry out photoassisted electrochemical processes. The morphology of TiO2 ceramics prepared in three different ways (painting, spray pyrolysis, and spin coating) have been examined by electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Their efficiency in the photoassisted electrooxidation of alcohol vapors make them look promising for the decontamination of polluted air or waste water.

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