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    • The identification and origin of N-H group overtone and combination bands in the near infrared spectra of 2-thiopyrrole-l,2-dicarboximides

      S Ram O P Lamba J S Yadav

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      Near infrared spectra (4000–12000 cm−1) of 2-thiopyrrole-l,2-dicarboximide (TPH) and its N-deuterated analogue were measured in polycrystalline form at different temperatures between 410 K and 273 K. Spectra in solution were recorded as a function of concentration and temperature. The prominent bands so obtained could be interpreted in terms of overtone and combination bands of the N-H(D) and C-O groups modes. The results in CHCl3 and CC14 solutions allowed differentiation between hydrogen bonded and nonhydrogen bonded bands. A comparison of cubic potential constant K3, mechanical anharmonicity ωeχe and electrical anharmonicity μ21 for the stretching bands indicates that these constants are not affected much by N-deuteration.

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