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    • Studies on bismuth carboxylates—synthesis and characterization of a new structural form of bismuth(III) dipicolinate

      O Anjaneyulu K C Kumara Swamy

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      Synthesis and X-ray structure of a new bismuth dipicolinate cooordination polymer, {[Bi((2,6-O2C)2C5H3N)((2-HO2C-6-O2C)C5H3N)(H2O)]2.5H2O}$_n$ (7) are presented. Compound 7 has dimeric units with a Bi2O2 skeleton that are linked by additional weak Bi-O interactions leading to a polymeric structure. The overall coordination number at bismuth is 9 [two Bi-N and seven Bi-O bonds]. New routes to a second crystalline modification (4′) of the previously reported coordination polymer, bismuth tris(picolinate), [Bi(2-O2C-C5H4N)3]$_n$ (4), are described; bond parameters in the two crystalline forms (4 and 4′) are compared. In both the compounds 4′ and 7, bismuth has a distorted tricapped trigonal prismatic geometry.

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