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    • Tracer studies of adsorption of Sr++ on copper

      T M Pradhananga K K Shrestha Narendra N Roy

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      Adsorption of Sr++ ions on copper metal surfaces has been studied by the tracer technique. The strontium nitrate solutions of different concentrations were labelled with90Sr and the copper coupons of electrolytic quality were kept immersed in these solutions for different intervals of time. The activity of both the faces of the coupons were measured with a GM counter after washing and drying the coupons. Results have been obtained on the amount of adsorption as a function of time, concentration of strontium nitrate solution and temperature. The data have been found to be in accordance with the Freundlich adsorption isotherm equation. Interpretation of the data in the light of the findings of other authors in similar systems has been made.

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