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    • Lanthanide perchlorate complexes of 2-acetamidopyridine-1-oxide

      N S Navaneetham R Kalyanasundaram N Rajasekar S Soundararajan

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      2-acetamidopyridine-1-oxide (AcAmPyO) complexes of six lanthanide perchlorates, with the general composition Ln(AcAmPyO)5 (ClO4)3, have been synthesized and characterized by analysis, molar conductance, infrared, proton NMR and electronic spectral data. Infrared and conductance studies indicate the ionic nature of the anion. The coordination of the ligand through the N-O and C=O moieties is shown by the infrared and proton NMR spectral analysis.

    • Synthesis and spectroscopic investigations of complexes of lanthanide nitrates with 50-nitroisoquinoline-2-oxide

      N Rajasekar

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      New complexes of lanthanide nitrates with 5-nitroisoquinoline-2-oxide (NI-QNO) of the type Ln(NIQNO)3 (NO3)3 where Ln=La−Yb and Y have been synthesised and characterised by analyses, conductance, infrared, proton NMR and electronic spectra. The molar conductance and IR data point to the coordinated nature of the nitrate groups in all the complexes studied. IR spectral analysis along with the proton NMR spectra of the ligand and its (diamagnetic) La3+ and Y3+ complexes unequivocally proves that the coordination of the ligand to the tripositive lanthanide ions taken place through the oxygen of the N−O group. From a comparison of the visible electronic spectral shapes of the Nd3+ and Ho3+ complexes, a probable coordination number of eight can be assigned to all the complexes.

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