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    • Adsorption dynamics and equilibrium studies of Zn (II) onto chitosan

      G Karthikeyan K Anbalagan N Muthulakshmi Andal

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      Batch equilibration studies are conducted to determine the nature of adsorption of zinc (II) over chitosan. The factors affecting the adsorption process like particle size, contact time, dosage, pH, effects of chloride and nitrate are identified. The influence of temperature and co-ions on the adsorption process is verified. The fraction of adsorption,Yt and the intraparticle diffusion rate constant,kp are calculated at different environments and the results are discussed. The nature of adsorption of the zinc (II)-chitosan system is explained using Freundlich, Langmuir isotherms and thermodynamic parameters

    • Adsorption studies of iron(III) on chitin

      G Karthikeyan N Muthulakshmi Andal K Anbalagan

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      Adsorption of ferric ions by chitin was studied by the batch equilibration method. The influence of particle size and dosage of the adsorbant, contact time, initial concentration of the adsorbate and temperature were experimentally verified. The effect of anions like chloride, nitrate and sulphate and also of cations like zinc, chromium and copper on the adsorption of iron(III) was determined. The time dependence of fraction of adsorption,Yt, at varying particle sizes and doses of chitin and the intraparticle diffusion rate constants,kp, of the adsorption process were calculated. Thermodynamic and equilibrium parameters of the reaction were determined to understand the sorption behaviour of chitin. The results revealed that the adsorption of iron(III) by chitin is spontaneous, endothermic and favourable.

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