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    • Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of some basic amino acids with bromamine-T

      D S Mahadevappa Puttaswamy N M Made Gowda

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      Kinetics of oxidative decarboxylation of arginine, glutamine, histidine and lysine by bromamine-T (BAT) was investigated in acid and alkaline media at 30° and 20° fespectively. The form of the rate law at low concentrations of HClO4 has been worked out. Proton inventory studies in H2O-D2O mixtures with Arg as a probe have been made. The rate increases in the order: His > Lys > Arg > Glu - NH2. In alkaline media, the rate shows a first order dependence on [BAT]0 and is fractional in [S] and [OH].p-Toluene sulphonamide retards the rate. Mechanisms proposed are consistent with the experimental rate laws.

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