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    • Synthesis and magnetic properties of a 1-D helical chain derived from a Nickel-Sodium Schiff base complex

      Apoorva Upadhyay Chinmoy Das Shaik Nagul Meera Stuart K Langley Keith S Murray Maheswaran Shanmugam

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      The reaction of the deprotonated form of the Schiff base ligand; (E)-2-methoxy-6-((phenylimino) methyl)phenol (L) with nickel chloride hydrate results in the formation of the 1-dimentional coordination polymer; Na[Ni(L)2(OMe)(MeOH)]$_n$ (1). The structure was determined via single crystal X-ray diffraction measurements. A careful analysis of the complex shows that the polymer exists as a helical structure, where the helicity is brought about by the presence of an alkali metal ion which is observed for the first time. Moreover the helical structure in 1 is maintained predominantly through covalent bond rather than supramolecular interactions. Direct current magnetic susceptibility measurement suggests that complex 1 obeys the Curie law. The fitting of magnetic data using the PHI software package yields parameters of 𝑆 = 1, 𝑔 = 2.26 and 𝐷 = +4.51 (or 𝐷 = −7.24cm-1) for 1.

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