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    • Stabilities of mixed ligand complexes of Cu(II) with ligands coordinating through O and N : ESR studies

      Madhuri M Ugrankar B S Prabhananda

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      Mixed ligand complexes of Cu(II) with 8-hydroxy-quinolinate (Hy) as one ligand and acetylacetonate (ac.ac) or salicylaldehydate (Sal) as the second ligand have been prepared in reaction mixtures of Cu(Hy)2 + Cu(ac.ac)2 and Cu(Hy)2 + Cu(Sal)2 in chloroform. Ligand hyperfine structures and the minimum ESR linewidth associated withm = − 3/2 hyperfine component have been used to detect and identify the mixed ligand complexes. The ligands in these complexes coordinate through O or N. The constantsK associated with the ligand exchange equilibriums are ~ 2 at −20°C and are close to the value expected from the empirical relation obtained in an earlier work from a study of Cu(II) complexes in which S also participates in the coordination.

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