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    • Spectrophotometric study of the formation of adducts between Np(TTA)4 and some neutral donors

      M S Sajun V V Ramakrishna S K Patil

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      The formation of adducts between Np(TTA)4 and neutral donors TOPO, TPPO, DBBP, DOSO and TBP in benzene medium has been studied by spectrophotometry and the presence of 1∶1 adducts is shown. From the spectral changes observed, the adduct formation constants were evaluated and found to be 1·85×104 (TPPO), 4·72×103 (DBBP) and 2·12×103 (DOSO). The spectra indicated that adduct formation increases the coordination number of Np(IV) from 8 in Np(TTA)4 to 9 in the adducts formed. Data obtained using the solvent extraction method to evaluate the adduct formation constant of Np(TTA)4 with TPPO are also included.

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