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    • The role of V4+ ions in vanadium oxide catalysts I. Decomposition of 2-propanol

      D K Chakrabarty M Rajyalakshmi A B Biswas

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      Decomposition of 2-propanol has been studied on vanadium pentoxide with MoO3 and WO3 additives. It has been observed that a small amount of the additives increases the dehydration activity of the catalysts, but at 5% or higher concentration, dehydration of 2-propanol decreases. The initial increase followed by a decrease in the dehydration activity with increased amount of additives is due to the change in the rate-determining step. Addition of MoO3, WO3, and alkali metal oxides to vanadium pentoxide has similar effects on the V4+ concentration and catalytic activity. Based on the results of the kinetic and ESR spectral studies, a scheme for the reaction has been proposed. It is concluded that the concentration of V4+ ion plays the crucial role in these catalysts.

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